Plant engineering

We develop efficient networked solutions, enabling you to manage your production activities intelligently – from the drawing board to the finished plant, for individual areas or entire projects: innovative, focused on problem-solving, flexible, fast and cost-efficient.

Planning / Documentation

PLC programming

Software Development


System Integration

Networking at the highest level

As an experienced automation expert, Odist is able to supply the necessary knowledge and take a lateral approach to thinking: We network each and every part of your plant – whether it be processes, systems or devices – and adapt them to the entire production landscape. The result is seamless, conflict-free and user-friendly. Not only do our end-to-end solutions dovetail perfectly but they are always equipped with a single, easy-to-understand user interface that makes handling in day-to-day operations both easier and quicker.

A homogeneous end-to-end solution.
A wealth of advantages from the perfect combination.

Modern-day production require ever better levels of performance, a fact reflected in the increasing complexity of the equipment used. Each plant nowadays is made up of various independent software and hardware components, a situation that presents a major challenge for automation. The task is to create an overarching end-to-end solution that harmoniously combines all the individual components and delivers optimum performance.


An upgrade for your plant.
Performance gains for you.

Is your plant getting on in years, but it still runs perfectly? This is fine as long as the control systems are not disrupted or damaged, because neither suitable spare parts nor even the knowledge to repair them is often available any more given the plant’s age. Moreover, older plants were mostly designed without any thought being given to conserving resources, saving energy or general matters of sustainability. Replacing the entire system is, however, very expensive and time-consuming...but there is another way.

Sharpen your long-term competitive edge

This kind of retrofit both secures the future of your production operations and significantly boost your ability to compete. The efficiency and lifespan of the modernised plant are improved, enabling you to achieve higher production volumes while cutting down on expensive production downtimes and failures. The retrofit itself also has significant advantages over investing in a whole new plant, including lower investment costs and less time required.

Custom Systems

Individual, innovative, solution-oriented.
We are passionate about special machines.

You know what you need. We know how you can produce it as efficiently as possible. Our many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in mechanical engineering and in automation make us the ideal partner for special industrial solutions in any sector. Our outstanding problem-solving skills and innovative out-of-the-box thinking mean we can develop a system tailored to your specific requirements, professionally carried out from start to finish, in the face of any challenges you might present to us.

Planning to commissioning from a single source.

We are on hand to help you every step the way, from design and planning to the finished plant and commissioning – always in compliance with all requirements, manufactured by state-of-the-art machines and under the ever watchful eye of strict monitoring systems. Even after the new plant has been successfully integrated into your production operations, you continue to benefit from our quality-focused philosophy. What sets Odist’s specialised machinery apart is the fact that it is easy to use, enjoys high levels of availability and efficiency, and requires little maintenance.